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RQBANK is the third generation Numerous improvements have been made since last 3 years More modern appearance, more page layouts, new drop down menus with sticky hover zones, solid printer support, expanded browser support, fully scalable upwards and downwards when user resizes the default browser font size, and last but not least, a much better and easier code. But there is more than that. Check the navigation menu to discover all about the new CATME

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Portings for MODx and others

If you want to use Multiflex-3 in combination with a Content Management System (CMS), then you don't need to look any further! Operational portings are being produced.

Extensive browser support

Tested for all major browsers

Multiflex-3 has been tested for all major browsers and functions properly for about 95% of currently used browsers.

The only problematic browsers are Mozilla 1.7+, Netscape 8.1+, Konqueror 3.4+ and IE5.x, together making up for about 5% of browser users. For Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 8.x and Konqueror 3.4 the drop-down menu opens horizontally instead of vertically. For IE5.x the template breaks down. If you are not planning to use drop-down menus, but only want to use the main links in the navigation bar, then you have around 97% browser compatibility, only leaving IE5.x left over as incompatible with Multiflex-3 (but this is a browser on its deathbed anyway, so I will not care to make fixes for this one).

If you know a fix for the Mozilla 1.7+, Netscape 8.1+ or Konqueror 3.4+ browsers to make the drop-down menu open vertically, get in touch with me and let me know, so that I can make an update of the template and post it on Open Webdesign!

To see what the template looks like in various browsers, check the view-links below to see screenshots, or you can download all screenshots in a single ZIP-file. Screenshot files are stored at my personal website.

All screenshots in ZIP-file (6.4 Mb):

Windows 2000
  • Explorer - IE6
  • Firefox - 2.0
  • Mozilla - 1.7(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Netscape - 7.2(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Opera - 9.0
Windows XP
  • Explorer - IE6
  • Firefox - 2.0
  • Mozilla - 1.7(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Netscape - 8.1 (Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Opera - 9.0
Windows Vista RC2
  • Explorer - IE7
  • Firefox - 2.0
  • Opera - 9.0
Mac OSX 10.3
  • Firefox - 2.0
  • Mozilla - 1.7(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Netscape - 7.2(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Opera - 9.0
  • Safari - 1.3
Mac OSX 10.4
  • Firefox - 2.0
  • Mozilla - 1.7(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Netscape - 7.2 (Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Opera - 9.0
  • Camino - 1.0
  • Safari - 2.0
Linux Fedora Core 4
  • Firefox - 2.0
  • Mozilla - 1.7(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)
  • Opera - 9.0
  • Konqueror - 3.4(Drop-down menu opens horizontally)

Coding tools

Many people ask me what tools I use. Here is the list:

  • HTML-Kit 292 freeware for coding the HTML documents.
  • TopStyle Lite 3.10 freeware for coding the CSS documents.
  • Browsercam provided the fantastic browsertest screenshots. They even offer services where you can test your templates at a live server. For those who are serious about webdesign, this is the ultimate place to check for compatibility. It is well worth its money (for 24-hrs you can even get a free test account)!


Release Notes

Godekalba / Update-2


  • Printer layout and background color
    Browser: All / Description: When printing, a gap was created between the header and the content section. Further, no background color was printed for the left navigation sidebar. / Correction: Removed erroneous vertical padding in CSS-class ".header-breadcrumbs in all CSS-files "layoutNN_setup.css". Further, included a printer CSS statement for the class ".main-navigation" in CSS-files "layoutNN_setup.css".
  • Template links
    Browser: All / Modification: All template links now point to my homepage, instead of to Open Webdesign. This change was done in "index.html".

Godekalb / Update-1


  • Drop-down menu items
    Browser: IE7 / Description: Misbehavior when hovering main link by showing multiple columns / Correction: Reformulated conditional "if" statements in "layoutNN.html", "headerNN.html" and "index.html".
  • Bottom header background
    Browser: All / Description: Background gap between bottom header and breadcrumbs when browser font-size reduced / Correction: Added background to the CSS-class ".bottom-header" in "layoutNN_setup.css".
  • Rounded corners line
    Browser: All / Description: When decreasing or increasing browser font size, a horizontal line appears above the rounded corners for subcontent boxes with boundary. Effect happens when font-size resizes, but page is not reloaded. / Solution: Simply reload the page, and the horizonal line disappears. This is a Safari bug which we have no control over.
  • Top search form
    Browser: Konqueror 3.4 / Description: Field width available for search form widened, so that "Go" button appears to the right, and not below, the search area. / Modification: CSS-class ".header-breadrumbs" changed in "headerNN_setup.css" and "layoutNN_setup.css".
  • Search form layout
    Browser: All / Description: Search forms now have their "Go" buttons below the search entry field (only exception is search form below the page header). Reason for this is that design remains consistent when browser font-sizes are resized / Modification: CSS-class ".button" changed in "headerNN_setup.css" and "layoutNN.css".
  • Button styles
    Browser: All / Description: Default buttons are styled very differently for different browsers. / Correction: To harmonize button appearance we have now styled the buttons explicitly. However, Camino and Safari overrule this style with Mac-specific buttons. / Modification: CSS-class ".button" changed in "headerNN_setup.css", "layoutNN_setup.css" and "layoutNN_text.css".
  • Credits for flags
    Credits were included for the flags.
  • Inclusions

    • Eastern Bay Cruise
    • Narrated guiding


    • Gratuities (optional)
    • Food and drinks
    • Hotel pickup and drop off
    • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
    • Boat crew are trained to provide first aid and CPR support, and first aid kits are readily available on all vessels
    • The main deck of each vessel are fully wheelchair accessible

    Take a cruise on the San Francisco Bay, and sail under both the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and colossal San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge! Explore the city's unique Architecture, Natural History, and Native American Culture on this enriching and educational 90-minute cruise across the San Francisco Bay.

    You will sail underneath the breathtaking Bay Bridge, around Treasure Island, pass AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, and cruise close by Alcatraz Island for incredible views of the surrounding San Francisco skyline.

    Chapter 12 » Michael and His Angels
    I heard loud noises downstairs very early one Monday morning ... I will never forget the sight in my living room as I went to investigate ... Angelic
    warfare was being directed from my home as the Command post ... this attack was serious enough for Michael, the leader of all warring angels, to
    appear on the scene. (Additional angel material added in this chapter)
    Chapter 13 » Angels On Assignment
    What did angels do between those times of recorded appearances ... did they rest ... or what happened to them? "We are busy all the time
    scattering God's enemies and putting the pieces of his plan together ... I commanded a heavenly army with orders from God to push the walls of
    Jericho into the ground ... and we did!" That's what Chrioni, the great warring angel, told me ... and more!
    Chapter 14 » He is Coming Again!
    As I think of the return of Jesus, I remember what Gabriel said, "There has never been such excitement and activity in the courts of heaven since
    Jesus came the first time, as there is right now!"
    Chapter 15 » In Closing Charles
    & Frances Hunter
    Pastor Buck looked down. Gabriel's feet were about four inches off the floor! ... Then he looked at Cyprion's feet, and they were about eighteen
    inches off the floor. ... Then he looked at his own feet, and to his utter amazement, they were also about eighteen inches off the floor!
    Chapter 16 » In the Beginning
    As the book goes into its third printing before the end of two months, we wondered why God had left the seven empty pages at the end of the book.
    Now we know!
    Scripture Quotations are taken from:
    Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT), copyright 1996. Used by
    permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.
    The Authorized King James Version (KJV)
    The Living Bible, Paraphrased (TLB), © 1971 by Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL
    The Amplified New Testament (AMP), © The Lockman Foundation 1954, 1958
    JB Phillips, The Gospels, © The Macmillan Company, New York
    All references not specified are from the KJV. ISBN 0917726332
    Who Is Roland Buck?
    Born: Everett, Washington, June 13, 1918
    Graduated from Northwest College, Seattle, WA, 1939
    Pastored churches in Granger and Yakima, WA, and Gooding and Boise, Idaho.
    Pastor of Central Assembly of God Christian Life Center, Boise, Idaho, from 1950 present.
    Average Sunday morning attendance in 1978 was about
    Married Charmian Jacobson, June 13, 1942
    Born Again spiritually in 1929, and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit at the same time.
    Charmian was Born Again at age 10, and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit at age 21.
    This is the true story of an ordinary man who has experienced an extraordinary series of events.
    When we first heard of Roland Buck, we had been sharing the story of how God had placed a special warrior angel with us to protect us from the
    fiery darts of the devil until Jesus comes back. A couple asked us, "Have you heard about the pastor in Boise, Idaho, who has been having
    visitations from angels? They have been talking to him and bringing messages from God."
    Even in these days when the supernatural power of God is more in evidence than ever before, this shocked us; especially when Doug and Ruth told
    us that Gabriel was the one who brought the messages! For a moment it sounded like the most wayout
    statement we had ever heard, but somehow
    or other, there was such a ring of truth to it that we had a hungering created in our hearts to hear more!
    Our busy schedule kept us from calling this pastor to find out any of the details, but in God's perfect plan he kept nudging and nudging us to contact
    Roland Buck about writing a book. We were still too bogged down with other work, so we didn't do it! Then God really got busy when we continued
    being too busy! He brought a couple down to Houston from Sitka, Alaska, who had stopped by Eugene, Oregon, and picked up a series of "angel"
    tapes they wanted us to listen to. They were bubbling over because they had listened to these tapes all the way from Oregon to Texas. All they
    could say was, "You've got to listen to them you've
    got to listen to them!"
    And listen we did! Every time we got in the car, the tape player came on with another angel tape. At night when we went to bed, we went to sleep
    listening to "angel" tapes, until one Friday afternoon Charles said, "I am utterly compelled to call Pastor Buck to see if we can interview him with the
    idea of writing a book. These messages from the angels are so fantastic, the entire world needs to hear them." Frances was equally fascinated with
    the idea of angels talking to an individual, so we both went to the telephone to make the call.
    Pastor Buck immediately invited us to minister in his church in the evenings and said he would be more than happy to cooperate with interviews in
    the daytime. Although he assured us that the heart of the messages the angels had given him were on the tapes we had listened to, he said there
    might be some extras we would be interested in hearing. We could hardly wait to get there!
    We arrived on a Sunday evening just minutes before the church service, and afterwards we went out for a bite to eat with Roland and Charmian
    Buck. If there had been any skepticism in our hearts before then, it was gone as he began to share from his heart some of the beautiful truths the
    angels have brought to him directly from God.
    That evening was followed by two days of interviews in which we saw the heart of a man who said, "I want God to be in focus and glorified. I do not
    want any glory for myself." We asked him many of the questions you might ask: "Was it an unusual day when you had the first experience?" He said,
    "No, it was just an ordinary, runofthemill
    day before I went to bed that night. Angels are the last thing I would have thought of when I sat up in
    We were both fascinated with his knowledge, not only of the Bible, but of the scriptural references as well. It seemed his total conversation was
    direct from the Word of God! We asked him if he had always had the good memory which he has had since he returned from the Throne Room. He
    said, "I would have to say 'no.' Before this experience I had to use the scriptures that I knew, so I studied and read the Bible over and over again. I
    have been in the ministry many, many years, and I always had to use a concordance to look up verses, but for the 2,000 verses God gave me I don't
    have to do that any more. I don't even have to read them from the Bible when I speak, because I JUST KNOW THEM!"

    PHQ-9 Patient Depression Questionnaire
    For initial diagnosis:
    1. Patient completes PHQ-9 Quick Depression Assessment.
    2. If there are at least 4 􀀳s in the shaded section (including Questions #1 and #2), consider a depressive
    disorder. Add score to determine severity.
    Consider Major Depressive Disorder
    - if there are at least 5 􀀳s in the shaded section (one of which corresponds to Question #1 or #2)
    Consider Other Depressive Disorder
    - if there are 2-4 􀀳s in the shaded section (one of which corresponds to Question #1 or #2)
    Note: Since the questionnaire relies on patient self-report, all responses should be verified by the clinician,
    and a definitive diagnosis is made on clinical grounds taking into account how well the patient understood
    the questionnaire, as well as other relevant information from the patient.
    Diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder or Other Depressive Disorder also require impairment of social,
    occupational, or other important areas of functioning (Question #10) and ruling out normal bereavement, a
    history of a Manic Episode (Bipolar Disorder), and a physical disorder, medication, or other drug as the
    biological cause of the depressive symptoms.
    To monitor severity over time for newly diagnosed patients or patients in current treatment for
    1. Patients may complete questionnaires at baseline and at regular intervals (eg, every 2 weeks) at
    home and bring them in at their next appointment for scoring or they may complete the
    questionnaire during each scheduled appointment.
    2. Add up 􀀳s by column. For every 􀀳: Several days = 1 More than half the days = 2 Nearly every day = 3
    3. Add together column scores to get a TOTAL score.
    4. Refer to the accompanying PHQ-9 Scoring Box to interpret the TOTAL score.
    5. Results may be included in patient files to assist you in setting up a treatment goal, determining degree of
    response, as well as guiding treatment intervention.
    Scoring: add up all checked boxes on PHQ-9
    For every 􀀳 Not at all = 0; Several days = 1;
    More than half the days = 2; Nearly every day = 3

    One of the things that spoke to our hearts about the genuineness of these experiences was the fact that they all tied back to the Bible!
    One night Charles said, "Can you imagine people believing the son of a Jewish carpenter who came up and said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the
    life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me!" (John 14:6).
    We find it easier to believe the stories of angelic visitations in the twentieth century than it was for those people to believe that this ordinary young
    man was Jesus, the Son of God!
    Some people didn't believe that story. Some did! It will be the same way today. Some will believe this story. Some won't. We do! Whether you
    believe it or not, this book will cause you to see God's love in a greater way than ever before and it will make Jesus come alive to you! It will give a
    feeling of living right now in the limitless dimension of eternity!
    Charles & Frances Hunter
    A Word From the Wife of Roland Buck
    What an exciting day to be alive! Although we have the darkness of wickedness on every hand, we have the assurance of God caring through a
    great supernatural renewal in our day.
    A spiritual awakening is always characterized by miracles of healing, many conversions and a new touch in lives.
    Part of the special work God is doing is a broader revelation of himself through the messages brought by angelic visitation.
    To think that our family and church could be a part of this expression of his love is more than I can comprehend.
    Two questions people ask me when they know that my precious husband has had many angelic encounters are: "Have you seen an angel," and
    "Why did God choose your husband?"
    I have not yet had an angelic encounter, but at times when I have gone to bed at night I have experienced such an overwhelming inflow of God's
    presence that I have had to go downstairs to praise and worship him. I am very much at peace because I know God does everything right. My
    husband is the leader and the one who is ministering to the people, so God has laid his hand especially on him. Who am I to question God? Our
    love is so close and we share the ministry so much together that although I have not seen an angel, I have been abundantly blessed as my husband
    pours out to me the truths that God has shown to him.
    In answer to the second question, "Why did God choose him?" you must understand my evaluations are purely human because we cannot limit God.
    In the first place, my husband is not easily swayed. We have pastored in Boise, Idaho, for 29 years. Through the years I have seen such a
    confidence and trust in God that he has been like a rock of Gibraltar.
    He has maintained a steady, even ministry in spite of socalled
    "fads" in religious circles not
    "swayed with every wind of doctrine," but weighing
    carefully those things which could be of a questionable nature.
    He has always been a great student of the Word and in his ministry has built a bridge for the unbeliever instead of a barrier to the kingdom of God.
    The angelic encounters have not been his first knowledge of God dealing with him in a special way. Many times he has come to bed in the morning
    after God has spoken to him through the night hours regarding truths in the Word, giving him many scriptures to bear out the particular message he
    wanted to give him.
    His consistency and stability have created within our four children and me a trust in God that is unwavering. He has suffered three heart attacks and
    one heart arrest, but through it all the peace of God was felt within our whole family. God has given us a wonderful heritage.
    Although my husband has meditated a great deal on the Word, he is not a mystic, but very human and a person I have grown to love and trust.
    God can do as he pleases. Didn't he visit many people in the Old and New Testaments? He is still able to do the same in these days God
    is the
    God of the supernatural who
    can deny it?
    Encounter (Ch. 1)
    The most outstanding and thrilling thing that has ever taken place in my life has been the angelic visitations that have occurred during the past two
    God made it very clear to me that I am to share what happened in my life so I am passing on descriptions of what I have seen, experiences I have
    had, and messages I have been given.
    God is illuminating truths of the Bible in unprecedented ways prior to the return of Jesus. Revelations are being brought forth in all ministries flowing
    in the Spirit. In this relation, God quickened my spirit to John 16:1215:
    "Oh, there is so much more I want to tell you, but you can't understand it now.
    When the Holy Spirit, who is truth, comes, he shall guide you into all truth, for he will not be presenting his own ideas, but will be passing on to you
    what he has heard. He will tell you about the future" (TLB). Jesus spoke these words.
    I have written these encounters and messages with the limitation of my own human understanding. In doing this, I have made references to what the
    angels have said, but not with the thought of quoting them verbatim, except where I have so stated. When you consider that there have been some
    fifty hours of angelic conversation which I have condensed with my own words and understanding into this single volume, you can perhaps realize